There are types of storage containers: solid is where ore miners drop their cargo, liquids are where gas. Base line is Earth-Moon with 100% sunlight; closer to sun is more energy produced per cycle, further has increasingly harsh penalties.

making 122k energy/hour.


May 19, 21:54. But it only NEEDS E cells and water to make. The module produces energy cells in excess, so they'll be sold along with other wares.


. A work around is to simply switch off automatic pricing and set the price high but the bug is a bug none the less. I have a station that makes processed goods, which I have an attached Solar Panel to it to.

I want to go out and start to sell my energy cells as people arent buying them from me. "Everyone wants to be a clean energy superpower," Mr O'Rourke says.

Min: 10 , Avg: 16 , Max: 22 ,.

Energy Cells.

How can It be that I produce 3000 energy cells/h but I have to wait for hours for every single energy cell to arrive on my build storage because instead of moving it from the station inventory it is traded by some far off trader - if I am lucky. 5million trader + time needed to do the same job.

Oddly enough either todays patch fixed something or I stimulate the ecomony as I have a station producing. .

You should check that all of the following are true: * the trader is assigned to trade energy cells by the manager (see information->behaviour tab for trader ware list) *.
I have a station that makes processed goods, which I have an attached Solar Panel to it to.

The money doesn't actually get used for internal orders but the station still needs it to create buy orders.

. Mar 1, 2021 · But a solar farm there makes 20. Im selling at 16 is that too low? Also when I try and get my ship away to sell for the best.

. General. Ware price. For example select a ship, right click a solar power plant and select buy, then configure some amount of energy cells to buy. I'm selling energy cells at the moment, mostly because I find the idea of selling something so "basic".


Liquid resources are collected from flying in nebulae while solids require asteroids to be broken up and the fragments collected. Small storage and dock is all you need.


In the case of Energy Cells for example, the manager will go down near the minimum price of 10Cr paid for energy as a resource only if its own storage is close to.


Energy Cells: Hull Parts: Advanced Composite Production: 197,000: 12 (M) 6 (M) 4: 2: 210: 20: Advanced Composites (720).

For the life of me I cannot get the trader to pick up the cells and sell them to whoever wants them.