<b>Hasta means hand more specifically the palm of the hand.

Hasta Nakshatra is also linked to the planet Jupiter, and it is associated with luck, good fortune, and optimism.

This planet is associated with the intellect, literature, logic, artistic expression, and commerce. .


First Pada :.

fc-falcon">Hasta Nakshatra is also associated with fertility, growth, and abundance. NAKSHATRAS - GENDER-RESULT - NATURE - RULED BY. ).

Uttara Bhadra and Hasta Nakshatra: You love Hasta's sophisticated persona but you also recognise their insecurities.

Hasta Nakshatra Quality- Divine. Zodiac Range 10 o 00' - 23 o 20' Virgo Ruling Planet Moon;. Hasta Nakshatra:Hasta Nakshatra has the symbol of the Hand or fist.

The four quarters are ruled by: Mangala (Mars) - the 1st quarter, Shukra (Venus). .

Hasta Nakshatra signifies knowledge, conquest, and wisdom.

Nakshatra – Stars in Vedic Astrology.

Hasta Nakshatra Symbol- Palm of the hand. .

fz-13 lh-20" href="https://r. Hasta Nakshatra Degree Range- 10°00 - 23°20’ Virgo.


Nakshatra – Hasta. Nakshatra Stars in Vedic Astrology. This Nakshatra is symbolically represented by the powerful symbol of a fist and centres around the zodiac of Virgo.

Now lets study Jupiter in Virgo in all houses. The nakshatra activates at 3rd,6th, 22nd, 24th, 46th, 50th, 68th, 77th and 79th. You learn to express your emotions to Hasta. Hasta Nakshatra is one of the Nakshatras that has the best of both the worlds. Nakshatra Group: Monstrous.

Reflecting the inherent power of its planetary and divine lord, Hasta nakshatra embodies the general characteristics of luster, luminosity, brilliance, strength, beauty and knowledge.

Mar 26, 2021 · Another alternate meaning is “laughter” or “jovial”. .


Hasta natives will be using their hands most of the time in a day.



Lord: Moon.